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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones

Adding insult to injury, the President continues to bash perceived opponents. He's deploying the most elementary behavior of bullies: calling others names. He attacks members of the opposite party, governors of states, even the front-line of the pandemic, nurses and doctors risking their lives to save people.


That's the best I can do. I took the gloves off on POTUS a long time ago.


One thing about POTUS really gets me. When he decides to cut somebody down…he often chooses the strangest language. For instance, one of his favorite insults is call some one disgusting.

Disgusting? Really? Is that all you got? I mean, I don't regard disgusting as a sling or an arrow. I have heard more powerful language coming from a fourth grader. Disgusting? It implies so much, and almost never what 45 appears to be using it for.

Oddly, it seems to be a family thing, as I see Donald Junior using it almost as often as his dad.

Is their towering lameness explained by the privileged upbringing they've had? Were they just not exposed to dickfucker? Jackoff? Fag? Maybe it's just me, but someone calls me disgusting and I don't feel a thing. Not like if you call me something really out of line, like, say, oh, how 'bout pedo guy?

I supposed it might be something of a positive that the Trumps are slur poor. It's problematic in that the person routinely called disgusting by Trump haven't done anything particularly disgusting, leaving us to wonder what modern disparagement is the equivalent. Cocksucker? Wetback. Republican?

Now, there's a new dis available to Don Senior, and I don't mean disrespect. Yesterday, he called a CBS news correspondent disgraceful. Again—really? I mean, if that's not the pot calling the kettle Vantablack, I don't know what is. Again, since the reporter had only asked a legitimate question, what exactly she'd done that was disgraceful was unclear. Whether or not the reporters life would be permanently ruined by perpetrating such a disgrace is left unknown. We know she's (yes, the reporter was female, which means she's automatically problematic due to her gender) phucked up, clearly, by doing something disgraceful, and, quite possibly, disgusting. We can only guess at what precisely POTUS was attempting to do with his tantrum and the accusation. The timeframe of this administration will be known as the Mis-Information Age.

What ya think—can we help the President with his insults? Should we form a task force to influence a change in language? Personally, with me, it could go either way: either the President goes fugly on the world and sharpens up his barbs, or he collapses into the realization that it's over for him and becomes uncharacteristically mild, giving up his cantankerous approach for something resembling common human decency. Serious. One way or the other.

This lame shit needs to stop. I mean, it appears, this mofo is incompetent in everything.

Leave me your best jibes, your most artful affronts, here in the comments section, and I'll see what I can do about promoting their use by the Whitehouse (and family).

Who knew bullying could be so hard?

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