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Welcome to unkillbilly’s bomb shelter.  Your first question may be: “Why a bomb shelter?”  I chose to name my website Bombshelter because I wanted to provide a place where people can go to get away from the constant bombardment of negativity that reigns supreme in modern times.  From the news to modern civilization’s disregard of civility, there’s a steady stream of pain and peril pouring out of every connection, from phone screen to computer screen.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someplace you could go where you could get away from that?  Not someplace where the positive spin is sickening; the last thing I want to serve is treacle.  No, someplace absent the bombing but not so saccharine you want to throw up.


THAT is what I want the Bombshelter to be. 


Here you will find my musings on ‘things’.  I offer an advice blog (The Scratching Post) and an author's blog as well as some serious storytelling.  You won’t find strident politicking or commentary in what I write.  It’s mostly about my odd perspective on everything with the occasional bit of advice on navigating the vicissitudes of modern life.  Sometimes amusing, sometimes puzzling, but never disturbing.  This website is not particularly family friendly.  There's all kinds of adult language and stories, so practice adult content filtering with no minors allowed.


I’ll do my best with the decorations.  Ever been in a bomb shelter?  I’m just sayin’.  Amenities aren’t usually the driver on bomb shelter design.  But.  I don’t see why you couldn’t have a luxury bomb shelter.  Don’t hold your breath!  At this point in my life, I’m all about the writing of the books.  Not dinking around with a website. 


Speaking of the books, that is the other aspect of this website: Notes and commentary on the books I write.  Since I’ve only completed one so far, this aspect of the website is likely to remain a little thin in the near term.  Keep checking in—I produce updates to all aspects of the site on a regular basis, you never know when I might leak a tidbit about something that’s still a Work In Process. 


Who knows what other madness will find its way onto this site.  Of course, if, after a visit, you have thoughts or ideas about the site and what you might like to see on it (or off it, for that matter), please don’t hesitate to send us an email.

unkillbilly pre Risk  2 11JUL19.jpg

President and Chief Executive Officer

I can pretend, can't I?  In my mind I'm a vast empire.  The business is named PhaSeven Productions, and covers all the performing I do.  (I'm a regular storyteller at various venues around Phoenix.)  At this point, I'm the only employee.  But that's the thing about my business--it is infinitely scalable.  Either direction, up or down.  Who knows what the future holds?  Until then, PhaSeven is a very fluid structure that can accommodate all kinds of opportunities. 

billy ovid boyles

Chief Information Officer

Information technology, baby.  If you don't have IT, you're not gonna make it.  See, so much of the business runs on computers, it's important to have the right resources in  place.  They have to be reliable and they have to deliver enough horsepower to accommodate the speed of the composer.  They ought to be oblique, so as not to possess the user, to make him or her its slave.  And IT should be secure and support all the data processing requirements seamlessly across the business.  

The back office belongs to billy...

Susan Kanzler, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Every organization/operation needs somebody to wrangle the finances.  Susan will advise the Bombshelter in any matter that involves math.  (People say, "do the math" to me, and my response is invariably, "No. If I could do the math, I would have!"  It's true-I'm a mathematical cripple.)


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