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Synopsis "The Seven Faces of Ambiguity: Part II"

In this sequel to "The Seven Faces of Ambiguity: Part I", our heroes find themselves in a race against time.  They are able to get out of the city and on there way to the GLAD scientists lair.  They fight there way through xombie hordes to get to the hideout, an abandoned open pit mine on the Gila Indian reservation just south of the Phoenix metro area.  Once at the mine, they encounter merciless mercenaries, an interstellar spaceship, a malevolent and stunningly beautiful monster, and hundreds of mad scientists.  Throw in the beast taking it's natural form, a monster in its own right, and a 10 kiloton nuclear device set to detonate shortly, the boys have there work cut out for them. 


Now on sale on Amazon and Kindle.

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