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"The Ball Has Hit the Building"

This will be the fourth book in the unkillbilly series and follows the blue scream, who is a college student and had gotten into trouble selling recreational drugs. 


The year is 2036, the setting is Washington D.C., and garbage threatens to be the end of mankind.  The methane accumulating in the atmosphere threatens to ignite and burn away the atmosphere.  

But the blue scream has his own problems.  The scream is trying to attend college, supporting himself by selling recreational drugs.  A deal goes bad and the Mob puts out a hit on him; his beloved girlfriend is killed in the attempt, but the scream escapes. He  is so bereaved he decides to kill himself but just can't decide how.  He turns to a friend of his for help.  

It  just so happens his friend, a genius physicist, has the perfect way for the scream to disappear--using the time machine he has invented to dispose of garbage.  (The idea is use the time machine to send garbage so far back in time, it lands on a molten Earth, where it disintegrates instantly.) The genius convinces the blue scream that his volunteering to be sent through the time machine would help the genius with 'calibrating' his invention.   He wants to send the scream back a century or so, to a time when the blue scream would have the most likely chance of surviving. 

The blue scream agrees to go.  The two scrounge around the laboratory for things the blue scream can use for currency once he arrives in the past.  All they can find is thirty feet of gold wire and a large carton of toilet paper. 


The blue scream assumes the position in the time machine--and he is sent back in time.  




He's not the only one. 


A psycho mobster tracks the scream to the lab and insists on being sent back after him.  


The genius obliges  him.


Law Enforcement also wants a word with the scream, and two detectives are launched back into time. 


The genius is happy to cooperate, while surreptitiously setting the time frames to much further in the past.  

Launch for this story is targeted for Spring 2022 

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