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Synopsis “The Seven Faces of Ambiguity: Part 1”


A guy walks into the airport in Phoenix—and runs into himself.  This is a bit surprising and also a bit disconcerting.  The guy, bill, is aware that he has alternate identities.  He just never imagined he’d literally run into one of them.


It turns out that this particular ‘alter’ is the mad scientist alter, ‘the doctor’, bill’s twenty-two-year-old self, who explains he is involved in a scheme to destroy all human life.  bill is amused. The doctor’s schemes are comical.  None has ever had a remote chance of succeeding.  Until now.


bill learns there is a group of mad scientists, hiding out in an abandoned open-pit mine just south of Phoenix. They’ve created a doomsday device, a Death Ray that turns mankind into monsters, so-called xombies, who aren’t interested in eating your brains. They’re interested in your sex.  To the death!


He also finds that all of his alters have achieved corporeal existence and that all of them, working together, are the only chance of stopping the propagation of the Death Ray.  The doctor explains to bill that it’s up to him to find the others, convince them to join the team, equip them for a mission and direct an assault on the evil scientists’ hideout.  The fate of all mankind hangs in the balance.


bill is able to find the others:  the boy, bill’s nine-year-old self;  the blue scream, a nineteen-year-old lush who claims responsibility for all of bill’s creative efforts; the bhagwan, bill’s twenty-eight-year-old self as a metaphysical guru and wannabe military commando;  bill’s hippocampus, which has everything to do with the alters’ physical being and which the boy keeps in a fishbowl half-filled with water.   bill’s ‘shadow’ self (think Karl Jung) goes along for the ride, as well as a group of showgirls. Factor in an ample supply of alcohol, recreational drugs, explosives and firearms and the boys are ready to launch their mission to save mankind. 

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