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My Sexual Bio

unkillbilly's sexual biography Part I


My second wife sucked when it came to sex.


And I don't mean she gave good head.


In fact, it was just the opposite.  KayT pretty much refused to give head.  I shit you not.  Who doesn't like oral sex?  It's not like I've got a monster, difficult to enjoy.  No, among the excuses I had for not receiving blow jobs was because "the cum tastes like copper". 


Copper?  What, you been lickin' some bare wire?  Suckin' on a penny?  I mean, where does one acquire the taste of copper?


Yeah, yeah…that's the Arizona state metal.  What's yours?


Now, you can bet I didn't go fifteen years (the length of my marriage to KayT) without gettin' a blow job.




That involved some behavior I will only review with a qualified few.  (See Members Area.)


Poor KayT.  She didn't know…my history.  She didn't know…about Brenda Bondage.  She didn't know…about Simba.  She didn't know…about Dennis and Nan.


My sexual history is a work in progress.  Suffice to say, it started early.  One of my earliest memories is of a play my mom took me to when I was five years old.  "Annie Get Your Gun".  It's a musical, and in the seen where the cowgirls are dancing, they would twirl, and I could see their underwear.  Well, bloomers, but what I thought was underwear.  And something inside me sat up.  I wondered: what is this feeling?  Whatever it is, could those ladies twirl again, I like that feeling…


Later, as I approached the nadir of my teen years, I would meet a woman who would teach and guide me.  Have you ever read Hermann Hesse's "Narcissus and Goldmund"?  In it there is an extended passage about a prostitute, a professional, who took Goldmund in and showed him the ways of sex. 


I had that in Brenda Bondage.  I was nineteen and had two other sexual interests in play.  Ah, youth. 


Brenda taught me a lot, but it was my first wife who really helped institutionalize my predilections. Simba was as open minded as Brenda was, and we experimented and engaged and enjoyed sex to the maximum.  Then I met the couple in Virginia—oh my, there was some expansion of my sexual horizons. After three (not in a row, but close) such liberated sexual relationships, I thought all relationships would be so open minded.


Au contraire!


I was to discover that my open mindedness was not reflected in the population at large, much less my neighborhood.  Where are the swinger communities nowadays?  They sure as heck don't advertise.

I don't know where sexual attitudes are today.  Seems like things are getting more and more 'conservative'. 


I was weened on the sixties and "free love".  I was in my sexual prime during the seventies and "Studio 54".  The eighties featured an open marriage and a lot of bad music. 




The reality is…this is the twenties, man.  The two thousand twenties.  I should be WAY past my sexual prime, should prolly be done with my libido in general.  Alas, that is not the case.


The last set of twenties we had were roaring, but ended in catastrophe.  This set of twenties is startin' with the catastrophe.  I'm not at all optimistic about where this set of twenties is goin'.


One thing I do know:


Freedom is important.  That includes freedom from prejudice and judgement.  For a long, long time I've believed that sex should be a lot less matrimonial and much more recreational.  That is what I regard as the role of sex. 


Look, for me, everything starts with sex.  And I think it's that way for a boatload of people.  Having all the rules and restrictions we have only twists our minds up.  If we could just encourage healthy, recreational sex…maybe there wouldn't be so much abuse. And worse. 

Coming Soon: The Ballad of Brenda Bondage

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