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ABOUT the boys

Everybody has alternate identities.  But not everyone has split personalities. 

The you that goes to work may be a totally different identity than the one you have at home.  You might have a singular personality you use with a friend that's much different than how you would treat a stranger.  And who doesn't recognize the voice of the inner critic? 


unkillbilly has alternate identities in his head.  They are 'just' voices.  His alters do not 'take over', as you see portrayed in movies and on television in shows like "The United States of Tara".  Having said that, they are just as 'real' to unkillbilly as most people.  My 'alters' each has a voice, and usually there's no hesitation in raising those voices.  I don't have an inner critic, I have four!  Each of the alters represents a stage in unkillbilly's life, and each is a character in one or more of my novels.

the boys
the boy
the blue scream
Air Force Dress Blues.jpg
the doctor
the bhagwan

the boy is young unkillbilly.  As with everyone, these were formative years. The boy has a preternatural ability to tell stories.  He can use his voice in a way that's irresistibly persuasive.  He has something of an attitude, which he attributes to being told, "He's the man of the house."

the blue scream is unkillbilly when he was a teenager.  the blue scream claims to be the source of all creativity of unkillbilly's writing and artwork. The blue scream is the alter that experiences bipolar mood swings. 

the doctor is the mad scientist alter.  Nominally, he is unkillbilly when he was in the United States Air Force.  Something happened to the doctor, while he was in the service.  He developed a profound dislike of other humans and began conceiving of ways to eliminate them, or subdue them to do his bidding.  

the bhagwan is the spiritual alternate identity.  He has his own philosophy for everything.  He's most well known for his Church - The Flying Church of Absolute Nothing.  While his emphasis is on the healing power of meditation, he's also a warrior who will lay down his life to save fellow humans.  

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