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The Purpose of the Be My Guest (BMG) page is to give a voice to people in our cyber-community who do not otherwise have a platform to express themselves.  There are no rules for the content in this space so,  no minors allowed, plus consider your tirggers, contributors are encouraged to call out their own trigger warnings, but the reader should proceed under the assumption that there will be wild words in this space, timid people should be discouraged from staying on this page.  

Our first Guest for BMG is the alternate identity the bhagwan, who is the creator of a philosophical system based exclusively on the concept of NOthing.  Critics claim the bhagwan's ideas are just repackaging of older and wiser people, particularly with reference to meditation.  The bhagwan counters with, "This means NOthing..."

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One Crying In the Wilderness

Ah, The wilderness.  I've been hanging out there.  Not the government designated spaces around the country that preserve a primitive and pristine state.  No,  I'm thinking we can stretch the use of that word to what's about to come.  Not necessarily that our environment is going to be made wilderness.  I'm thinking about the wilderness that is about to invade our minds. 


There's no doubt, things are going to get wild.

There is going to be chaos, and anarchy.  There will be confusion, and panic. There are going to be a lot of things that seem impossible, and yet, there they are, happening before our very eyes.  There's going to be some desperation and deprivation as people look for answers to the confounding reality that has become the new norm. 


As if there are any answers.  Most of the cauldron of upset will leave people to feel they have little power over their lives, scant freedoms, and a diminishing since of comfort that is going to make people, well, uncomfortable.  The deepest frustration will come for those who have a desire to do something. Those who are capable, but so confounded by the new reality, they're paralyzed. 

If you're wondering what to do…allow me, as a full bhagwan, to recommend you do NOthing. 

Hey, NOthing makes you happy.

As in…the complete absence of any thought or feeling—in your mind.  Okay, yeah, people call that meditation, but sometimes I feel that people feel the concept of meditation is about as much a topic for public conversation as masturbation.  Serious!  Oh, the people who meditate sing its praises.  Everyone else?  Not so much.  "I've tried, it's just too hard."


There is an alternative to meditation, and that is NOthing.  Different than meditating.  The Contemplation of NOthing is, ultimately, a mathematical expression.  It is the Null Set.  All you need to do is apply the expression across your consciousness, and you're there.  Get to the Null Set, and you have achieved what many people achieve through meditation. An empty mind. 


You don't have to hold the Null Set in your mind any predetermined amount of time.  Apply liberally, and you can hold the Null Set for an extended period of time.  However, there is no relationship between the length of time at NOthing and the value of the experience.  You got things you can't seem to get off your mind?  Nuke 'em with Nothin'.


Speaking of the value of NOthing, you can use it to detach.  From anything.  You think you need that giant, gas-guzzlin' pick-up truck, but what will you believe when gasoline is being rationed?  It could happen. We have worshipped our material possessions, become so attached that separation causes way more than anxiety.  Those attachments will hurt you, make you vulnerable in a time where vulnerability will not be an asset. 

NOthing offers a fulcrum, for the levers of your intellect, with which to pry yourself loose from your attachments.  It doesn't mean you have to give this or that thing up—it just means you don't care about the same.  The aforementioned vehicle serves a purpose—point A to point B.  Or it doesn't serve that purpose anymore, so you let it go. 

And a little tip from my time in the wilderness—you probably have a lot of beliefs you're attached to.  Those can be really tricky, since they're practically invisible.  Hard to eradicate or modify a belief when you're unaware of it.  A great way to 'reveal' your beliefs is to look at the decisions you make.  It's a life of decisions, and as you collect and Identify the beliefs in play, you have the opportunity to assess how attached you are.  We may have to give up beliefs about our style of government, our attachments to the concepts of right and wrong, big chunks of our culture and heritage.  We may see freedom become a joke, in the profound absence of privacy.  All those beliefs are held in place at least in part by attachments. 

Give them up. Use NOthing to manage the process.  The thoughts you're trying to clear from your mind to achieve the null set will be laden with clues as to your hidden beliefs.  As you detach from each, you will achieve a special emptiness, every thought will stand out in stark relief, and you will see the path to a mastery you probably can't conceive. 

I'll be writing more about that path to mastery in future blogs.


In the meantime, seek NOthing, and NOthing will be your reward. 


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