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"The Seven Faces of Bellicosity"

Not long after the events of "The Seven Faces of Ambiguity: Part I" and "The Seven Faces of Ambiguity: Part II", unkillbilly finds himself in another life or death situation.  

You see, there are actually only two species of life left in the Milky Way Galaxy: The Galactites and the Electrytes.  The two have been at war with one another since the early days of the galaxy and their devastating conflict has taken the lives of all other species.  

But what of humans?  They still exist.  

Turns out, the human race is not a species.  It's a device.  A weapon of war.  Humans are the 'fissile' material of the most powerful bomb ever created, well, their brains are.  And that material has to reach a certain level of population before the weapon becomes viable.  Generation after generation added to the total, a never-ending battle when pandemics and changing weather, not to mention military adventurism and the odd errant asteroid, took untold lives over the years.  


Finally, in the year 2022, the required mass is achieved--and a detonator is activated.  A single individual, possessed of the power to turn every brain on the planet into psychocosmic energy--certain death for all Electrytes.  Not to mention all human life coming to an instantaneous end.

And who should turn out to be the detonator? None other than unkillbilly.  

There's lots of twists and turns in this one, and in the end, the fate of all mankind is decided by the actions of seven faces...


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