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"New Neck of the Woods"

In this mock historical novel, we follow the blue scream to the year 1876.  He lands in Washington City, the precursor to Washington D.C.  He has with him an oversized carton of toilet paper-and he immediately begins pedaling the TP, selling stakes in his 'factory' to produce toilet paper on a roll.  

The blue scream quickly gains notoriety and he finds himself in a setting where people really like to drink.  He fits right in, and spend lavishly from the funds he collected for his 'samples'.  He is attempting to drown the sorrow of losing his beloved woman in the year 2036.  And it doesn't take long before the Scott Brothers learn of this new development.  They immediately see the future of toilet paper and decide they will get the newcomer they call scream to either join their company--or be rubbed out.  

So the blue scream travels through time to escape his pursuers...and now he finds himself threatened again and needing to run away.  

This novel is still in the conceptual stage and will not be available until 2022.  

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