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Change? Don't You Ever Change!


How do you feel about change? My impression is most people don't like change. Yeah, yeah, they may bitch and moan about their lives, vocal that they want something different…and then regretting that desire when the actually do experience change.

Things change, people change for countless reasons, but rarely in response to a single stimulus like the pandemic. This is, obviously, an external change. That is, we didn't turn the virus loose as some grand plan for population control.

With coronavirus, it's not just the population that's going to change (and we're talking millions dead). Everything is going to change. From the model we were living up to 2020? By the time it's all done, we are going to be a lot smaller world.

I have been sitting here thinking…about what's coming. And I see my life is likely to change. I see my whole world as changing—for the worse. Now, you might think that thinkin' like that does no good.

I look at it as Change Management.

And the best plans for Change Management start early. Identify the scope and the magnitude of the change, early. Then, the single factor that will make your implementation fly? Early adoption by all stakeholders. Start early, get buy in early, devise and design and deploy early!

That's why I've decided now is a time for change for me personally.

I don't need to wait around for the new world to come up and kick me in the balls. I knew this was comin'. I thought about it a lot in 2014! I called it the Derby, after the Destruction Derbies they used to have with old clunker automobiles. Where the drivers took their cars into an arena and mostly backed their way to wicked collisions, every man for himself, last car to drive out of the arena wins.

And the winner's car is done. They may have won, but they'll never get another Derby out of this one.

Ah, yes. The Derby. The Derby is here. Perhaps the Destruction won't be so bad.

But the death sure will be.

Just think about Africa. Then there's this horrible proclivity for the authoritarian heads of various states to use crisis to solidify their stranglehold on their subjects. I've read about all kinds of insane responses. In one of the 'ahzikstans' the king or whatever he is, banned the word coronavirus from being spoken on penalty of jail. In the Philippines, the President ordered police and military to shoot to kill people outside their homes. All the third world is going to get clobbered. Along with the 30 million refuges in camps all over the planet. It's not gonna get ugly—it'll be downright fugly.

So, dead people are a problem. I can see being forced to help with dead bodies. Serious. Gotta get those suckers in the ground/fire fast, otherwise it's hazmat! For real.

All the gloom and doom aside…I've decided I'm going to go full on healthy animal. As much as I can, eliminate the poisons from my life, get a running start at what the world will be in three months. I don't need to wait till I'm deprived of tequila to stop. I can do it now. The shit is poison. (Sorry Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle.)

Here's the thing…I want to be ready when the excrement gets deep. I'm not sure why. I mean, up to now, I've been thinking, hell, I've had a really good life, do I want to live forever? And end up like mom? No thank, you.


My time will come. Maybe it's this time. Maybe the reason I'm still here, after all the death defying shit I've pulled. Might just be I have a purpose.

I've made it this long, I know the body is resilient, if I stop all the unhelpful stuff now, in three months a great deal of healing will occur.

By the way, it sucks to be fat in the future. Fat people don't do well in famines. That's why my eating habits will change. Just like everything else. Oh, and eat those kiwis and avocados now, man. They ain't gonna be around in the very near future. Want fruit out of season? When everyone in Chile is dead? KIDDING! I know, nothing to kid about. Which is why I found it irresistible.

So, a new me. I've had a few of those. This time, it's like Survival of the Fittest. I don't have that far to go. If I start right now.

On your mark, get set, go!

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