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Is That a Worm in Your Ear?

Woke up this morning with Gary Wright in my head.

That's not unusual. Every morning. I'm greeted. With the daily dose of earworm.

Now, some mornings, this is not a good thing. On some mornings, I wake up and the worm is decidedly not my kind of music. That ever happen to you? I think anyone who values music has had that happen. A snatch of some song gets caught up in your mind, you catch yourself humming it, the damn thing hanging with you from dawn to dusk. You ask yourself, "why?" Why that song…?

Well, I've discovered that there is often a connection between the song that takes up residence in my cranium and what happens to me the rest of the day. Serious. I find that the day's earworm is prescient. Sometime during the day, something is going to happen and the song in my head will be perfect for the circumstances.

What about that. Does that ever happen to you?

What does it mean?!

So, this morning I wake up and I got Gary in me head, the song is "My Love Is Alive". This is an old song. I mean, way before you were born, it's a song from the late seventies…and the opening of the song, which features the bass line, not the lead or rhythm guitars or the keyboards, is burned into my neocortex. I wake up, and I hear that baseline, I hum it note for note, just like I can hear it now, just like it sounds when I go to the computer, dial up YouTube and play the song out loud. It's like, monumental, that baseline. It's like a beacon, flashing off and on, leading me to the rest of the song…

One thing I'm not very good at is lyrics to songs. I got that baseline down cold, but when it comes to the words? Ha-ha. How about that? Has that ever happened to you? You think you know the words to a song but learn later you were way off? Anyway, with the magic of the world wide web, now I have instantaneous access to both the song and the lyrics.

Which is helpful, if you're trying to understand why that song. Grokking the words is like shining a flashlight on the connection between the earworm and something about to happen in my life.

And so it was with today's earworm.

My heart is on fire My soul's like a wheel that's turnin' My love is alive, my love is alive, yeah, yeah, yeah

As soon as I saw these words, I knew the connection. See, I have a friend who is a teacher and lives in one of the hottest Covid19 spots on the planet. She's concerned, on many levels, and rightly so, about the prospects of returning to her work.

And in her DM to me, she spoke about listening to her soul.

Then, there it is, popping up in Mister Wright's song. The soul.

To me, the soul is a mystery. Programmed for evidence-based understanding from the earliest age, if I don't have evidence, it ain't real. Hey, that's a terrible program to run, but it's buried so deep in my approach to life I'm having a hard time modifying the belief/behavior. (What I've done is developed my sense and acceptance of mystery. I can live with mystery. Really.)

I like the concept of a soul. Something that is eternal, something that will live on after the GR and I leave the building. And my friend's message about the soul offered me a new way of seeing. A new perspective on the soul. I can accept the idea that the soul is capable of many things, including guidance. Real time awareness backed with bottomless knowledge. Why not?

Maybe…what I perceive as my subconscious, which I am so very fond of, is quite simply my soul.

In which case, my soul is putting earworms into my head to lead myself…back to my soul?

I like it. I'm bettin' my soul is free from programming. Just curious…does the maker of earworms have earworms?

Oh never mind. If you'll excuse me, I've got a couple more rotations of this earworm to catch up with.

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