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Not All It's Cracked Up To Be.

You're gonna see that phrase a lot. You'll find a don't put a lot of stock in knowledge. Not a big fan of concepts like trust and hope. An abject anti-history advocate. You'll see.

One of the things that allows me to continue to function in this kind of civilization is that I accept mystery. I don't have to have the answer to everything! A belief I've only recently cultivated with any focus or attention. If you can be comfortable with mystery, you will find life much less threatening.

I think goal are not all they're cracked up to be. Goals suffer the unfortunate dysfunction of removing one from the present. A popular self-help suggestion is to treat goals as if they have already happened. If your mind is on a goal it is inherently in the future, rather than right here on the Essential Moment. The disconnect can lead to overwhelming stress!

I can understand the concept of having a destination, but those, too, are merely levers that shift you out of the present and into the future. It's imperative to stay here. Do I have to use the M-word? I've found it requires little effort to focus on the journey and let the destination occur naturally.

Yeah, yeah, this is just my way of saying you're not gonna see any discussion of goals here in the initial unblog. (It's called an unblog because unkillbilly writes it.) Stick with us for the journey and we'll talk about the dubious value of knowledge. Stay tuned in and we'll get to the idea of history and what contributions it's made to humanity. No conspiracy theories, no lunatic, fanatical, fringe madness. Just the (admittedly twisted) ideas I have about our current reality. Once we get to know each other a little bit, we'll get around to talking about the writing. First, there's much to unlearn...

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