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Obfuscation without Representation

Know what?

I’m done with government.

Until the time comes when we have the opportunity to make the switch (presuming of course that the species survives its own feces) and adopt an ‘open source’ approach to governance (as my friend Will Smith suggests), stick a fork in me. Break out the provenance certificate. Flush it-kkkkssssssshhhhh!!!

What we have now suffers a fatal flaw.

Representative government, like we’re supposed to have in the good ol’ You Is Soft Hay, cannot ensure either the integrity or the efficacy of the process for collecting the people’s will.

That is, the act of voting itself is problematic as a collection mechanism. I don’t believe it helps to allow a different system in every locality, but that doesn’t matter so much, as NONE of the systems anywhere in this country are up to the task. What would work? Optimal would be a direct multisensory link from each citizen to a collection repository—that’s right, a supernatural, telepathic link from people to a superbrain. Absent that capability, I would reverse engineer, looking to back fill as much of that optimal process as possible with every bit of advanced technology (has to be mobile!) available. It would be a colossal undertaking.

The process experiences a fundamental failure in that it does not ensure that every citizen has a voice. While the current system does deliver voice OPPORTUNITY. It does not guarantee that every relevant opinion or desire is captured. Absent that, a government by the people is a completely specious proposition.

Additionally, the system has huge vulnerability for corruption, whether by gerrymandering or criminal disruption or compromise (social media campaigns to discourage citizens from voting or physical cheating during the balloting process) or some other, yet to be conceived invasion or intervention.

All that…represents the native design features that drive this approach to governing right into the ground.

It doesn’t help…that our representatives feel moved to protect their job at all costs.


The ONLY purpose of any representative in government…is to convey the will of the people he represents! And that INCLUDES the people who voted for his opponent. Once elected, it’s is categorically necessary to drop the hard line of one’s party affiliation. Forgive the exclamations, but this stuff is risible! If it doesn’t make you scream.

We live with representation that gains office (and does everything they can to stay there) by telling us ‘I represent your values” or “I share your values”. Unless I’m mistaken…if you’ve never asked me, directly, you with your own mouth, right in front of me, what my values are? You don’t have the slightest clue what I want from my government, either in broad terms of overall performance of the duty, or the specific legislation I’m supporting as important for myself and ALL my fellow Americans/Arizonans/Phoenicians/Neighbors/Friends/Family/Self. (I’ll add Earthling/World Citizen to the front of the previous list of relationships because THAT’S the reality, despite what nationalists everywhere aver.) And I can’t help but believe that if you don’t know what my personal beliefs are, you don’t know many of the thoughts, feelings, and values of ANY of your constituents. You allow your mind to be convinced, either by ‘data’ (with careless disregard for how said data is derived) or by your own fantasy or fancy, that you “know the will of your people”.

That’s messed up.

But then…then…allowing yourself to decide…that it’s appropriate for you to retain your seat at the table?

That’s just as messed up!

Dude/dudette! You’re supposed to be a conduit. Oh sure, you should have professional grade skills, communication, cooperation, technical, social, etc.


The central idea, the overwhelming objective—be a pass through. Be efficient in collecting the will of the people and be effective in moving it forward—and enthusiastic if an alternative to your agenda is offered. That’s it. You don’t even HAVE TO personally know my desires/opinions. As long as you are effective at collecting from EVERYBODY.

And, you do that, when the cycle’s up—the representees get to decide if they want you to continue in your representative role.

YOU SHOULD NOT CARE! Allow me to repeat. YOU YOU SHOULD SHOULD NOT NOT CARE CARE! If you are not reelected. It’s. Up. To. The. People. Only and absolutely. If you can’t belly up to the mantra…you don’t meet the most fundamental requirement for the job.

And for sure…

Nothin’s gonna change…as long as we keep votin’ for the same old shit.

People get touchy about the word Revolution. But that's what we're headed for. Naturally, with the pandemic, and all it's fallout…it's gonna be a weird revolution!

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